But You Don’t . . .

Do you remember this commercial from 1988 for Head and Shoulders Shampoo?

Maybe your grandmother used to say, “An ounce of prevention beats a pound of cure.” Or perhaps your grandfather was working on his car and you asked what was wrong. His response was, “Nothing, I’m doing preventative maintenance.”  OK, so that was my grandparents.

Ask anyone around and they will tell you that Amy and I have a great relationship a really healthy marriage.  They are right – we do, even as we are in our 23 year of marriage.  Here are some of our secrets:

1. Flirt with your spouse when ever you can. Around the house or anywhere you can steal a moment to share a smile or wink.

2. Hold hands when you walk. Park a good distance from the store and walk in holding hands.  Walk the mall – holding hands.

3. Kiss.  I remember my parents kissing – they still do (52 years together).  When Dad would come home from work, Mom would meet him at the door. They kissed before any of us could break them up.

4. Pray while holding hands.

5. Worship God together.

6. Keep house together (especially if both of you work outside the home).

7. Leave each other love notes.  Yesterday, Amy came home with a page out of her notebook that had three words on it – “I Love You!”   I wrote this note in the middle of that notebook about two months ago and forgot about it.  She found it yesterday.

8. Help each other as much as possible with work that you both bring home.  Amy is in graduate school while teaching.  I help her as much as I can with her school-work and homework.  She constantly helps me with church related work and helps me stay organized.

9. Sit next to each other on the couch while watching a quality movie or TV show — share the popcorn bowl.

10. Cook together.

11. Did I mention spending time with each other?

– Scott

3 thoughts on “But You Don’t . . .

    • You filled that role nicely, as did and do your sister and my son. Now if we can just get someone to assist you and Marcus, you need to adopt a niece/nephew at University who will play the “ewwww grossss!” role.

      • Believe it or not, our dog does a pretty good job of jumping in between and trying to get to Marcus at the door before I do. Its funny.

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