Top Twenty Tips on Encouragement

As I work on a lesson on Encouraging One Another, I came across the following tips in my files. I am not sure where I collected them, so don’t give me credit for originality on this one. I am pretty sure I read these on another blog about this time last year.

1. Look for the lonely and reach out to them.
2. Pay attention to the small details and acknowledge what others miss.
3. Don’t miss the bashful and the shy.
4. Listen closely to what is going on in people’s lives.
5. Care.
6. Pray for opportunities to encourage.
7. At times , encourage anonymously.
8. Remember those who are usually behind the scenes.
9. Put yourself in the place of others.
10. See thought Christ-like eyes.
11. Find happiness in encouraging and joy in others I enjoying encouragement.
12. Consider encouragement a sacred duty.
13. Do an act of service for an unsuspecting other.
14. Be a meaningful, genuine giver of compliments, free of selfish motives.
15. Remember that encourages a church growers.
16. Do not overlook the frustrated.
17. Mentally walk a mile in the potentially encouraged one’s shoes.
18. Find exciting and unusual ways to make someone’s day.
19. Appreciate the value of a handwritten note.
20. Reach out to those typically left out.



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