Families and Technology

One of the online Preacher Groups I am a member of is currently in a discussion about Facebook and other social media and their impact on the Family.  I recently spoke at Roebuck Parkway Church of Christ in Birmingham, Alabama on the assigned topic of The Family That Connects Through Technology.  The PowerPoint (SlideShare) presentation below is what I used with that sermon.  I said more than is on the slides, but this is a good starting point.  If you want a fuller outline, use the comment section or contact me personally, and I will send it to you.

– Scott

6 thoughts on “Families and Technology

    • I figured out the html code issue. I had inadvertently used the wordpress.org embed code and not the wordpress.com. How come the simple things are so easy to make a mess of?

  1. Bro. Scott,
    sounds like a good sermon on how technology can be a good blessing but if not used properly it can be harmful as well like other things (internet, TV, ect.) if you do not minded send me a copy of a out line I may branch out another sermon using this subject.

    Thanks for all you do,

    Bro. Phillip Harkness

  2. Technology IS neutral, just like you said on the last slide. A hammer is a tool that can be used to build a home, or it can be misused to destroy the very same home. Technology is the same, in that it is merely a tool. The hands of the user determine its use. Great lesson.

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