Attacks Against Our Homes

Yesterday evening (Tuesday) we had the next to last of our mid-week Summer Series at Parrish Church of Christ. Chuck Webster, from Hoover, spoke with us about the things that attack our families. His message was just what the leaders here hoped it would be. What follows are his points:

1. ME. I am the greatest threat against my home. I am the greatest device that Satan can use to ruin the home. When I think that my marriage is all about me and my needs, then I am having negative impact on my marriage and family.

2. Redefinition of Marriage. Post-modernism, existentialism, and humanism are teaching us and our children that the “traditional” picture of marriage can be thrown away. That we do not have to be just one man and one woman for life. Society is saying that marriage is not only not necessary, but can exist between any two adults who “love” each other.

3. Materialism. Beware of covetousness. When we try to have everything, and when we do whatever it takes to have the latest, biggest, most expensive, or better than everyone else’s, we find our family in a financial bind. Both parents begin to work too many hours outside the home to just make ends meet.

4. Sexuality. Pornography, sexual relations before, and outside of marriage have a grave impact on our homes. We must set up barriers to keep the z message, that sex is meaningless and just what people do away from our children and adults. We must return to the idea that God created us a sexual being for the intimacy of marriage and the special relationship that marriage is.

5. Busy- ness. We are too busy. We cart our children to school, sports, music, practice, this club, that club, and we work, volunteer, coach, etc. We never slow down and remain “still and know” that the Lord is God. Prioritize to seek the kingdom of God first and your marriage next.

6. Mis-placed Priorities. This is related to the busy-ness above, but is more. This includes the materialism above, the self-centeredness above, and more. Anytime anything comes before our spouse, children, and family we are headed toward danger. Slow down, spend time with each other. Turn off the entertainment technology in your home and sit down for a meal together and simply talk.

-Scott (adapted from Chuck Webster)

2 thoughts on “Attacks Against Our Homes

  1. Yeah. That’s good. None of it’s new. How do you deal with busy-ness? Do you become less involved or make a conscious effort to put God in all those things?

    • I think the idea is to be a better steward of our time. Sometimes that means deciding to limit involvement in some activities. As one older minister’s wife passed along to us when we were young, “learn to say, ‘no’ and remember that you do not have to be involved in everything.”

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