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Not too long ago (ahem!) when I was an undergraduate student at Faulkner University the standard book on church growth was Brother Ira North’s book – Balance.  That one word infiltrated much of our training.  Balance in Ministry, Balance in Life, etc.  We learned about balance.  One area where our instructors and professors stressed balance was in the area of preaching.  After all, the Apostle Paul claimed balanced preaching in Acts 20 when he reminded the Ephesian Elders that he “had not shunned to declare . . . the whole counsel of God.”  Twenty plus years later, here is my summation on Balanced Preaching:

  1. Balanced Preaching Edifies.  The goal is to build people up into faithful children on God.
  2. Balanced Preaching carefully deals with tough topics.  When dealing with the hard issues be careful not to destroy individuals in the process.  Choose words and timing carefully.  Be plain but not cruel.
  3. Balanced Preaching uses different methods of delivery.  Narrative styles, deductive preaching, inductive preaching, with and without visual aides, topical lessons, textual lessons, and expository lessons.
  4. Balanced Preaching strives to be relevant.  Make certain the lessons have application to the lives of the members and visitors.

What are other ways to have Balanced Preaching?  How to you (who preach) work to make you topics and delivery balanced?

– Scott

2 thoughts on “Preaching / Ministry

  1. Exegesis. When I was preaching I had to watch that I wasn’t pushing my current issue onto the scripture. Allow the Holy Spirit to be the one who picks the topic.

    Grace and Peace.

    • Pumice,

      I think that is a temptation all preachers face at one time or another. We need to avoid “hobby” issues and topics. Let the scriptures speak – Exegesis is a good answer.

      Thanks for reading.

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