McCown House in February 2010

The house we live in and on which we have a mortgage will be 100 years old in late 2011. A house that age requires some TLC.  Since we bought the house in 2002 we re-carpeted downstairs, put hardwood floors in the entry-way and back hall, painted a couple of rooms upstairs and couple more downstairs, new rails and paint on the front porch, and last year we had a new roof put on.  Last month we began a kitchen make-over.  We are not replacing cabinets at this time, but we removed some cabinets, and replaced some kitchen appliances (refrigerator and dishwasher).  We are also pulling down wall-paper, putting up new lights, repairing some spots on the ceiling, painting, and new flooring.  This is where our job became interesting.

Some years before we bought the house there was some wind damage to one corner of the kitchen roof.  When we removed the wallpaper we found rotted dry-wall (fortunately the 2×4 studs behind the dry-wall were solid).  To remove the dry-wall we had to take out a window seat, while deconstructing this seat, one of us stepped through the floor in the corner with the dry-wall damage.  Upon further inspection, we realized we have a lot of work to do to rebuild a section of floor joists, seals, sub-floor, and flooring.  I suppose we could simply cover up the rotten dry-wall, flooring, etc. but that would only be hiding what could become a serious problem.

I wonder, “How many times do we simply cover-up the ugly sin in our lives?”  How often do we try to pretend that such disgust is not there?  Do we dress-up on Sundays, putting on ‘Christian’ airs so that we appear to be all-together spiritually, when in reality we are dying on the inside?  I remember Jesus calling a certain group of religious leaders, ‘white-washed tombs full of dead men’s bones’ – they looked good on the outside, but they were only putting up a facade to cover their ugly hearts.  Am I sometimes guilty of the same?  Are you?

Let’s pledge to each other and to God to stop applying make-up to our sin and to rid the rot from our lives.

– Scott

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