Who to Date?

First of all, I am married and who I date is a foregone conclusion.  This is not about me.  Enough disclaimers.

Brandon and Rachel Woolard (when they were dating)

This past weekend our young people attended the Southeastern Evangelism Conference at Decatur Hwy Church of Christ in Gardendale, Alabama.  It was a really good event.  There was a class for just the guys and one for just the girls.  When the girls exited their class they  all had a wallet insert with suggestions on what to look for in the guys they date.  My son and his friend, Hunter, found one of these cards and shared it with me.  There was some great advice for the girls on who to date, if I can get the card from Andrew, I will share those suggestions for the girls later.

However, since I do not have a copy, I am sharing a list of things for the guys to look for in the girl(s) they date.  I am putting these in the form of questions to ask as you consider (or for the teen male in your life considers) going out with that young lady.

  1. Is she respectful to the adults in her life?  Does she listen to, speak kindly to (and of) her parents?
  2. Does she dress modestly?
  3. Does she use her Bible in class and in worship?
  4. Does she sing with the congregation (at youth devotionals)?
  5. Is she an active participant in youth activities?
  6. Does she avoid gossip? Does she speak to build others up?

If you are looking for someone who will help you grow closer to God (What Christian young man shouldn’t?), then these are a few of the characteristics you should look for.

Parents, teens, young marrieds, what else might we add to the list?

– Scott

5 thoughts on “Who to Date?

  1. I’ve heard Rick, from Rick & Bubba, say that he tells his children to “look for someone who loves God more than you do.” I think it’s good advice. We know that if we love God and put him first that all of our other priorities will fall into place accordingly (ex. spouse, children…).

    • I am glad this is talked about with young people. As the father of a young teen. I know dating is not too far in the future. I know I am talking with him, and it is good to know he and his peers are hearing similar things from other adults.

  2. Does she help you to desire to be a better person?

    If she does not know your parents, preacher, grandmother, etc would you feel comfortable if they met?

    Are you kind of person she would respect?

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