Why I Finally Asked Amy Out

Amy in the Fall of 1987

Yesterday, I wrote to the guys about what to look for in the one you date. Today, I thought I would go back in history to the Fall of 1987 in Montgomery, Alabama on the campus of Faulkner University.  I was a Junior Bible Major and had ended an 18 month relationship early in the summer.  Now back on campus, the SGA held a devotional on the Capitol Steps.  After the devotional, my roommate, Jimmy escorted two freshman girls and I took two others downtown to go “flying” and to see “Ruby City.”  (Flying and Ruby City were college pranks that every incoming freshman had to endure.)  Amy was one of the girls with Jimmy (I took notice of her and can tell you what she wore, but I decided to be nice and let Jimmy decide if he was going to ask her out again). Thankfully, Jimmy drug his feet.

A month later, Faulker held their annual lectureship (the first week of October 1987).  I saw Amy again.  She was at a Bible lecture she did not have to attend.  Later she was at another.  I watched as she took notes and sang with the congregation.  One night I noticed Amy was with Mark and Marlene Howell (Mark was an off-campus Bible Major).  I did not know her connection to Mark, but there she was.  I was an usher that night and stationed myself at the door nearest her.  I was working up the nerve to talk to her after the lectures, when she

Amy 2010

walks out with a toddler (Mark’s son Daniel).  Trying to be funny, I accused her of kidnapping him, and she retorted that he was her nephew and she was taking the the restroom (what a way to begin a relationship!).

After that encounter, I made sure I spoke to her the next day at the cafeteria, chapel, and any other time.  I guess I wanted her to know I had noticed her.  Finally, on Wednesday, October 7, 1987 I asked her to go with me to get a milkshake (A Chocolate Chip shake from Rax’s) after the evening lectures. Why?  Because she appeared to be all the things I posted yesterday.  This October will be 23 years since that first date.  I am glad I finally build up the nerve to ask her out.  My suggestions worked for me and she is all that I looked for and more!

– Scott

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