Turning Point

This past weekend a man asked to test drive a car at a L & S Used Cars in Jasper, Alabama.  He then pulled out a gun, shot the owner and another man, fled on foot through the woods.  There he stole a truck in a neighborhood and drove toward Birmingham, Alabama.  Jasper Police issued an All Points Bulletin, and the Birmingham Police were able to capture the suspect.  One victim received treatment at Walker Baptist Medical center, the other remains in critical condition at UAB.

Now the rest of the story . . . The suspect also entered at least two other car lots before he made his way to L & S.  1) Jasper Auto Sales – Used Tacoma Lot and 2) Jasper Auto Sales Select.  One of the deacons at Parrish Church of Christ, where I serve as minister owns both of these lots and the employees there are also member here at Parrish.  One of those employees is Jeremy.  Jeremy realized after all the events played out, that he had faced death:  Jeremy is one of our song leaders and a young husband and father.  This event became a Turning Point for him.  He realized with a little more urgency the need to daily live his life for God.  From all appearances Jeremy, Paul, and Matt (the member here who were at the lots) walk with God, but an event like theirs will cause you to search your sole.

Let their experience become your Turning Point. Ask the same question of your self, that Jeremy related to me, “What if the suspect decided to shoot me?  Am I ready to die?”  Take a moment this morning to “examine yourself, test yourself to see whether you are in the faith.”

– Scott

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