All About Jesus

Tonight we conclude our summer series at Parrish Church of Christ.  This may go down as one of my favorite topics.  Every speaker rose to the challenge of delivering a great message on Jesus.  Although we asked them to speak on a certain topic or event from the life of the Savior, they had the freedom to develop their lesson in whatever direction their studies took them.  We began by learning about the “Pre-existence of Jesus” as one of the Godhead.  We saw how Jesus fulfilled Old Testament prophecy.  We looked into the birth of Jesus and we learned what His baptism means for us.  We caught glimpses of Jesus and the lessons He taught at Jacob’s Well, when he spoke the Sermon on the Mountain, as well as lessons He modeled by His life of prayer, friendship, and self-sacrifice.  Tonight we will look more intently at the Cross of Christ and what His life and death mean for each of us.

I am grateful to all of our speakers for making this series a wonderful experience for Parrish Church of Christ.

Jesus; the Savior for Whom I am grateful.

Whom the prophet called Wonderful

Counselor and Prince of Peace.

Jesus; the One who died in my place,

Whom one day I will see face to face.

May faith and love in You, increase.

– © Scott McCown, August 11, 2010

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