How to Have a Happy Marriage

Milford and Bessie will celebrate their 74th Anniversary in Sept 2010.

This is the outline I preached from yesterday morning.  I traditionally preach a sermon on marriage sometime around the 12th of August which is our wedding anniversary (this Aug 12 Amy and I will celebrate 21 years of marriage).  Here are some things I learned through the years.

– Scott

How to Have a Happy Marriage

Why Adam and Eve had the perfect marriage:

  • Eve never had to hear how good a cook his mother was.
  • Adam never had to hear about all the men Eve could have married.
  • Adam could honestly say Eve was the best looking woman in the world.
  • Adam never went fishing with his pals.
  • Eve meant it when she told him, “You’re the only one for me.”
  • They did not have to keep up with the neighbors.

Hold Hands Often

  • Prov 5:18
  • Enjoy being together.
  • Do things together (cook, gardening, walks)
  • Stand together against the world – Eccl 4:9-12.

Say, “I Love You” Every Day

  • Prov 17:17
  • Eph 5:28-29
  • “I told you when we first married and I will let you know if I change my mind.”

Never Go to Sleep Angry at Each Other

  • Psa 37:8
  • Eph 4:26
    • Practice Biblical Conflict Resolution.
    • Learn to Forgive – Mk 11:25

Help Each Other Grow

  • 1 Pet 3:1-8
  • Note wives to husbands / husbands to wives.
  • Relationships help or impede spiritual growth.

Enjoy What is Good and Beautiful

  • Phil 4:8
  • Look for the best in each other.
  • “Accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative.”

Say “Thank You” Daily.

  • Prov 5:18
  • For meals, for help, for love, for being there.
  • Demonstrate thanks in action.
  • Give 110%  / Appreciate 1% return.

Marry the Right Person

  • While, I do not believe there is only one person out there for the unmarried, I do believe we can choose wisely and that one of many can be a right person for us and us for them.
  • The right person is – 1 Cor 9:5 (believer)
  • Be the right person – Eph 5:25-29

Book Recommendation: His Needs / Her Needs – Willard F Harley, Jr.

  • This books builds on the concept of understanding each other cf. 1 Pet 3:7

His Needs:

  1. Sexual intimacy
  2. Recreational companion
  3. A Spouse that he considers attractive
  4. Domestic Support
  5. Admiration (What Paul calls respect in Eph 5)

Her Needs:

  1. Affection (What Paul describes as love in Eph 5)
  2. Conversation
  3. Honesty and Openness
  4. Financial Support
  5. Family Commitment

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