Morning Vocabulary Lesson

I read a new word last night.  Well the word is not new, and not necessarily new to me, but one that I do not read or hear often.  This wonderful word applies to some great concepts.  The way the book I was reading used this word, it applied more to me the first ten years of our marriage than it did to my wife, and now for the last 10+ years this word applies more to her. This usage of this word may not apply to many in our nation today, unless of course you live in a rural area.  Then again this word, as used last night, may not always apply there either.  Jesus’ life on earth fit this word, and this word applies to Him now as He is at the right hand of the Father.

What is the word?  Propinquity!  I like that word.  I am going to make it one of my favorites.  I plan to find excuses to us this word.  The way my reading last night used “propinquity” gave it the meaning of “being near to the place of your birth.”  Look at Jesus’ life on earth you realize as you study maps that He never really lived too far from his home.  If you look at Jesus as God’s Son, He is near God now.

As I think a little deeper, Jesus was never far from His Father, even while on earth.  Propinquity also means: “nearness of kin” or “nearness of place and time – proximity.”  Hmm.

James 4:8 encourages our propinquity to our heavenly Father, “Draw near to God, and He will draw near to you” (ESV).  The more I think, the more I realize that propinquity is exactly what God wants with us.  Everything He did throughout history has the goal of bringing His wayward creation back to close propinquity to Him.

Have a great day with the Lord!

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