Excuses, Excuses, You Hear Them Every Day

The title is a line from an old song, I think the Kingsmen did the original version. There is truth in those lyrics, people supply excuses for many missed opportunities and appointments. Here are a few favorites (typos are in the originals):

  1. Please excuse Johnny for being, it was his father’s fault.
  2. Kimmy is under Doctor’s orders not to do p.e., please execute her.
  3. I was late to work because my cat unplugged my alarm clock.
  4. I was late because I could not find my shoes.
  5. I cannot come in to work today, my garage door is broken.
  6. I was late because my wife is expecting and I was experiencing morning sickness.
  7. I will not be in today, my cat has hairballs.
  8. Please excuse Jenna’s absence, she was sick and I had her shot.
  9. I had to take my dog to her psychiatric appointment.
  10. I borrowed a friend’s car to get to work.  The car was reported stolen and apparently used in a robbery.  I was in jail for possession of stolen property.  The police were interrogating me, which kept me from calling in to work.  I was eventually able to convince the officers of my innocence, so they let me go and I got here as fast as I could.

I need to tell you that a secretary called the local police about that last one and found it to be completely fabricated.

Excuses are not the sole property of students and employees.  If we are honest with ourselves we are guilty of excuse making.  The compiler of Proverbs records an ancient excuse for laziness, “There’s a lion in the road, there’s a lion in the street” (Prov 26:13).

In the arena of the Christian experience, one finds people making excuses for: 1) not obey the Gospel, 2) refusing to give up a sinful practice, or 3) getting involved in the Lord’s great work.  Our lame excuses will not hold up.  I can hear them now, “God, I would have done . . . ., but you see there was this . . . .”  I just do not see that standing in God’s court of law.  What about you?

Maybe, just maybe, instead of excusing why we cannot, let’s rationalize why we should and can serve God (Rom 5:8; Phil 4:13).

The next phrase of the Kingsmen’s song reminds us about excuses, “The devil, he’ll supply them if from church you stay away . . .” Here is a video of the Kingsmen Heirs.


Have a great day! — No Excuses!

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