Singing Lessons

Last night, David Courington began a month-long series of lessons that our leaders hope will help our congregation to better sing with understanding and with the Spirit.  Here are some important lessons I think every congregation of God’s people need to hear.

  • 1. Singing can improve with 1) Good Coaching, 2) Good Examples, and 3) the 3 “P’s” — Practice, Practice, and Practice.
  • Good singers are taught, not born!
  • Ten Suggestions to IMMEDIATELY Improve Congregational Singing:
  1. Remember Your Audience – Eph 5:19 – is God.
  2. Remember Your Neighbor – Col 3:16.
  3. Sit up.
  4. Hold your head up.
  5. Look up at the leader.
  6. Start with the leader.
  7. Sing out.
  8. Keep up with leader.
  9. Speak up – enunciate.  Don’t be lazy with your speech.
  10. Hold your note and volume – don’t trail off at the end of phrases, verses, or songs.

Come join us each Tuesday in February at 6:00 for these lessons. 
Happy singing.  


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