A Case for Expository Preaching

Expository Preaching Definition/Contrast: Hadden Robinson states, “Preaching is a living processes involving God, the preacher, and the congregation . . .”[1] This validity of this statement intensifies when one considers the expository preaching.  According to Sidney Greidanus expository preaching is “Bible-centered preaching . . . the exposition of a biblical passage.”[2] Others emphasize that “. … Continue reading A Case for Expository Preaching

What does the Congregation Expect from the Minister?

Congregational expectations vary from place to place and congregations expect much from their preacher(s).  Too often these expectations are not written down and this lack of concrete expectations can lead to misunderstandings and hurt feelings.  I suggest having as many on the table (written down) as possible.  We also know that some expectations are ridiculous … Continue reading What does the Congregation Expect from the Minister?

What is Ministry?

Here is my second offering on the subject of ministry.  Again, comments and suggestions are welcome, encouraged even. We ask: What is Ministry? With last week's working definition of a minister in hand, the next logical step is to define the role a minister plays.  This chapter solidifies our model of ministry that develops from … Continue reading What is Ministry?