150+ Years of Preaching

Yesterday I spent the day with a group of friends and mentors who happen to be preachers.

A classic Mr.Coffee at our Preacher's Luncheon

 About 7 of us traveled to Double Springs, Alabama and met up with about 15 other preachers and Church leaders for a monthly meeting.  These meetings vary in topic and focus.  This year, Vance Hutton asked three preachers with 50 years or more experience to speak to the rest of us. I found blessing in listening to the experience and wisdom of W.T. Allison, James Palmer, and Charles Bryan.  There were many great nuggets of wisdom they shared and I want to pass a few of them along.

W. T. Allison:

  • He expressed thanks for his wife who lead him to Christ.  He said she may not have saved his life, but she helped him have a life worth saving.
  • He was working for 3M when he began preaching and never thought that he would or could preach full time.  Of this he said, “You never know what direction God will lead you.”

James Palmer:

  • “Who are you?” He asked.
  • Are you are preacher, a Christian, an evangelist, or A MAN OF GOD?
  • 1 Tim 6:11-14 – A Man of God: Flees from sin, Follows God’s will, Fights for righteousness and against sin, and is Faithful in his endeavors.

Charles Bryan:

  • The mind cannot contain what the seat cannot endure.
  • One privilege of preaching is drawing near to Christ as you grow.
  • Make up your mind not to let someone else be better to you than you are to them.
  • Everyone has the right to hear the gospel once!
  • He shared the following quote:
  •  “It is impossible to embarrass an humble man.” (Jack Exum, Sr.)
  • “Relationship is the most important thing, no relationship is the only thing.” (Paul Tarrence)
  • “Roosters say, ‘cock-doodle-do’; folks up north say, ‘Yankee doodle do,’
    young girls say ‘Any dude ‘ll do’ and that is why there are so many divorces.” Paul Murphy.
  • When asked if he would change anything.  Brother Bryan said, “My wife, Margaret worked beside me, helped me, and taught school all these years to ‘support my preaching habit.’  If I had it all to do over again, I would show her more appreciation.”

Preaching friends, Church leaders, Bible Class teachers, young Christians . . . take time to learn from the experience and wisdom of those whose service for the Lord exceeds your own.  They have much to share, if we will only listen.

– Scott

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