A few weeks ago, I wrote about my world turning Sideways. Current political climate and current issues of morality or immorality played into that post, but mostly it was about a personal event. My younger brother's diagnosis with a brain tumor. This week I traveled to Gainesville, Florida to Shands' Hospital where skilled surgeons and … Continue reading Vertical

I am not Sorry

What I am about to say is un-American, un-patriotic, unlike many right-wing republicans, and definitely un-Tea Party -like. I am not sorry for what I am about to say. I believe my words to be truth, founded upon scripture.  They are thoughts that our hymnology (is that a word?) proclaims.  These thoughts come from many … Continue reading I am not Sorry


Divergent is a novel trilogy written by Veronica Roth and includes Divergent, Insurgent, and Allegiant. Without giving away any surprises the series is about a teenager who lives in a post apocalyptic society. Similarly to many other series in this young adult genre the authorities have tried to bring order to chaos by dividing society into groups. … Continue reading Divergent

Off Target

OFF TARGET The news reported last night that over 500,000 people have signed a petition to boycott Target. That number is almost 700,ooo this morning. Unless you just ignore social media and the news you know that this boycott is in response to Target's decision to allow people who self-identify as a different gender from their … Continue reading Off Target