Sutton’s Law

Recently, I learned about a man known as “Slick Willie” Suttton. William Francis Sutton entered life in 1901 and died at his sister’s home in 1980 at the age of 79. Willie spent most of his life robbing banks, or to be politically correct – as a “financial withdrawal specialist.” He spent time in prison and escaped three times. He was released under special circumstances not long before his death. Although he stole over $2,000,000 over his lifetime, and carried a weapon, he never killed anyone during those financial withdrawals.

One legend states that a reporter asked him why he chose a life of robbing banks. His rely was “Because that is where the money is.” Some think that the term “Sutton’s Law” which reminds medical professionals that when diagnosing a medical condition, one should first consider the obvious. Considering the obvious should be a standard in most of our life.

  • Why did you lose control of the car when it rained? Obvious answer; I was speeding on wet roads.
  • Why does your stomach hurt? Obvious answer; I ate way too much at supper.
  • Why is my marriage struggling? Obvious answer; I am not putting the same effort into my relationship as I did when we were dating.

Why am I not growing spiritually? Obvious answer; I am not practicing spiritual discipline. I do not spend time in prayer. I do not spend time in the Word of God. I do not spend time meditating on God’s Word. I do not put effort into worship.

Why do I need to spend time in prayer, in meditation, in God’s Word, in worship? Because, “This is where God is.”

– Scott

3 thoughts on “Sutton’s Law

    • John McDaniel used the Willie Sutton story at one of the assemblies last Sunday as we were preparing to take the Lord’s Supper. I stole the illustration and “financial withdrawal specialist” from his remarks.

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