Our History

“I Don’t Know Much About History . . .”

History was not my favorite subject when I was in school, at least in middle and high school. Yet history has become increasingly important to me. The last few years, ok decades, I find myself researching local and family history, church history, Alabama History, and United States History. I have even watched documentaries on The History Chanel.

Recently, I watch a three-part series on George Washington, I also watched a biographical movie about Harriet Tubman. I learned a lot about both individuals and the time periods in which they lived. While watching these historical presentations, I noticed some things they had in common.

  1. Both changed the course of the United States.
  2. Both fought against injustices.
  3. Both forced inspiration and gave credit to the God of the Bible

Many of our greatest accomplishments are because of a Christian bias.

A bias was true for many of the first 150-200 years of our existence as British Colonies and then as the United States. Christian morality God-focused living and Christ-centric teaching prevailed in our country. No, not everyone was Christian Not everyone who claimed to be a Christian lived that way. No, not a single Christin lived a 100% Christ-like life. They sinned, but they tried to be moral and Godly. History establishes that our national existence is a result of people seeking religious freedom, specifically
Christian freedom. Many of our greatest accomplishments are because of this Christian bias. 

  • Education for all
  • The establishment of universities (many to train preachers)
  • Abolition of slavery
  • Removal of Jim Crow laws and the ending segregation. Afterall, Martin Luther King, Jr was a Christian minister who used the Truth of God’s Word and a Christ-like demeanor to fight segregation.

We must return.

Now everything seems to be different. Now our country seems to be fighting against Godly morality – or morality in general. We seem to be bent on doing what is right in our own eyes and what we think will benefit us individually. We want to do what makes us happy at least what we think is happy. If we truly desire to as our current POTUS states, Make America Great Again, we (you and I as individuals) must return to living by the morality and be guided by the principles our Creator knows is best for his creation. Then we must challenge those that lead us to do the same and to establish laws that protect what is true and right.

– Scott

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