The Apology

I don’t know you, I only saw you this morning, but I owe you an apology. You may never even read this, still I apologize.

I am sorry.

This morning, I left the house early to run an errand to pick up a few things we needed around the house. A quick pre-study trip to the local super-store was in order. I finished gathering what I came for and I went through self-checkout so I could bag the way I wanted too and get out quickly. Grabbing my bags and putting them into the shopping cart (we call it a buggy here in the South) I made my way out of the store. That is when I saw you and now I must apologize.

You don’t even know why. You did not see me. You were busy trying to figure out how the electric scooter shopping cart worked. This is why I need to say I am sorry. I saw you. You were were of average build and as fit as almost any 50+/- year old I know. You did not have a cast, and I saw you walk in and sit down as easily and I walk and sit. You did not need that scooter. You see, I don’t like seeing healthy people use those scooters that are supposed to be for those who have mobility issues.

I walked out of the store thinking ill of you. As I walked to my car, I saw your van. I saw you piloting the scooter toward the van. Then I saw your adult son sitting patiently in the passenger’s seat. I saw the look in his eyes when he saw you coming with the scooter that was for him. You were taking him shopping. It would be much easier for you to run, because you can run, into the store and get what he needs. But you are not that man. You are the the dad who knows that it is more important to take your time, to sacrifice your time, for your son.

I am truly sorry for my judgmental attitude. You deserve better respect.

I am sitting in a coffee house reflecting on my attitude. You may still be in the store. You may never read this. Someone did see me and they need to know that I am sorry.

Dear Father in Heaven, Thank You for Your patience with me. Thank You for the forgiveness You graciously give through Christ. Thank You for the compassion that compels You to act in mercy toward Your creation. Help me to learn and live that compassion toward others.

In Jesus’ name . . .

To the man in the scooter and everyone else – I am sorry.

– Scott

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