Rain Falls on Everyone

This morning I stepped out of my car and dodged puddles and rain drops from my parking spot into the Post Office in Tuscaloosa. Shaking off the rain, I recalled an event from nearly 11 years ago – March 31, 2009 to be precise. It was raining that day, much like today.

We were living in a town of less that 1,000 people and preaching in the next town over – a town of roughly the same size. Just like in the movies, people knew you, especially if you were a local preacher married to one of the elementary school teachers.

That rain soaked morning at the Oakman Post Office a young mother and her little boy (about 3 years old – wow he would be a teenager now) stepped in out of the rain. I heard the mother say, “You can ask him, he will know, he’s a preacher.” I was not however ready for the question he asked. “When its raining here, is it raining where God is?”

Wow! How do I answer that? Here is what flashed through my mind before I answered:

  • “No, God is light, it never rains in heaven. Heaven is always bright and sunny like a nice early summer day.”
  • “Yes, God is everywhere, so when it rains here, since He is here with us, it is raining where He is.”

How could I answer this little budding theologian? I replied, “That is a great question. I have never thought about that, thanks for asking me.” I think I added something about God knowing that it is raining here.

I spent the next half an hour running his question through my mind bouncing between the two answers. I still think about that question – especially when we have had as much rain as we have had this month.

When it rains here, does it rain where God is?

A “grown-up version of the question is: “When I as a child of God am feeling down, does God hurt with me?”

– Scott

3 thoughts on “Rain Falls on Everyone

    • That is a great question and a great understanding of God. That He can take the thing(s) that hurt us the most, be with us through them, carry us through them, be there to hear our cries of pain and when we come out the other side we are stronger because of our faith in Him. The narrative of Job is the archetype of this blessing from God.

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