A Morning Prayer

Dear God,

There is much on my mind this morning as I think on recent events. I find encouragement in the loving and forgiving spirit shown by Brandt Jean to Amber Guyger, who was found guilty of murdering his older brother Botham. I pray that I can have such a loving and forgiving spirit to those who would hurt me. I pray for the comfort and salvation of all connected to this horrific case.

I think about those near me who are suffering with disease or debilitation, I pray for their comfort and healing. There are those around me who are mourning the loss of family members, I pray they find joy in the memories of their loved one and comfort in You.

Later this morning I will meet with fellow workers in Christ who serve different churches in my community. I pray for them and the congregations of Your people they serve. May each of us work to spread the Good News of reconciliation.

Father, I am thankful, with a gratitude words fail to express, for the atonement you provided for my sin. Thank You for appeasing Your wrath through Christ.

In Jesus’ name.

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