Why Did God Allow This?

I am finish up a series of Bible Classes on the Agony and Glory of the Cross, I have taught this material before, but even as I repeat this study, I am again cut deep to the heart as I realize the immense suffering Jesus, the Christ, our Savior went through to provide that salvation.  

Spending time looking at the typical nature of a Roman scourging and I choke tears as I realize, He allowed that for me.  When I think of the way he died on the cross, as his internal organs began to shut down (hypovolemic shock) and breathing became increasingly difficult without further injuring his hands (wrists) and feet.  For many victims of a cross, this death by asphyxia would slowly kill them over a couple of days.  Many scholars suggest Jesus died as a result of the emotional and spiritual stress of carrying the literal weight of the world. — Why did He allow this?

My only answer:  This was the only way!  This is the way Love had to respond to our sin.

Thank you God, for what You purposed so that I can have an eternal home with You.  May Your love compel us to live for You and to reach others so that they to might taste of Your GRACE. – Amen.

– Scott

One thought on “Why Did God Allow This?

  1. Our gospel meeting with John DeBerry finished last night. He went into detail regarding the agony of the cross. I still cannot understand why God though I am so important, but I know He does. Your article went along with your lesson perfectly. Thanks and keep up the great work.

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