What One Word?

What ONE WORD do you want to be remembered by?

That was the question on the radio one day this week. There were some really good answers, the most popular answer being, “Caring.” Some of the other answers were Loving, Loyal, Fun, Genuine (real), Gentle, and Consistent. One host said the first word that came to his mind was “flawed.” I had to think about that one. He explained that he is flawed but knows that God’s grace is there. He wanted people to remember God’s grace even if they are flawed – since we all are.

I thought about the question as I drove to my study. I never called in, but one word kept coming to my mind. One word that I hope describes me and that I want people to remember about me. One word, I am doubling my focus to become. that one word is FAITHFUL.


  • I want it said of me that, “Scott is faithful to his wife and family.”
  • As a preacher, “Scott is faithful to the Word of God.”
  • As a friend, “Scott is faithful to those around him, you can count on him.”
  • “Scott is faithful to God as a Christian”
  • I want to be known as one who is full of faith in Christ.

I want this read about me, “I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.” (2Ti 4:7). I long to be known as faithful. Jesus, I believe, increase my faith (cf. Mar 9:24; Luk 17:5).

What one word do you want to be remembered by?

– Scott

2 thoughts on “What One Word?

  1. I too thought of faithful. I have been faithful to God’s word and what it tell me. I have always been faithful to my mate. I am faithful to my child at all times. i am faithful to my fellow christian. I do not, or at least try to never criticize any fellow brother or sister. i was, when employed, faithful to my employer. I totally believe that faith if the rock solid foundation on which we add all of the other aspects of our life, such as patience, compassion, etc. Thanks for another goo thought-provoking little lesson.

  2. Loyal or faithful is what I think of. To invest myself in the life of Christ and the life of others. I posted a link to this blog post on my Twitter page @MikeMobley19.

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