My Gym

My Gym is Great!

I love my gym! The staff here is friendly and helpful and they always have a smile on their faces and are quick to help you with your needs, workouts, or if you have a question. They even have special classes and workout sessions with great teachers and fitness instructors. I can honestly say that my gym is great. I would love for you to come as my guest and see the facilities and meet the staff for yourself. We will be glad to give you a tour and tell you more about what we offer at my gym.

I should tell you that I was a member at a different gym, one closer to my study, but not as convenient for my family. Our new gym is closer to our house so we can all go workout. My old gym was good. They had adequate facilities, good, clean, and easy to use equipment. The staff were all very professional and smartly dressed. They also offered classes and individualized workout plans. But a couple of the rules and expectations bothered me; they seemed unfair and limiting. They claimed to be a “judgment free” gym, but I saw the way some members looked at new comers and those that were unfamiliar with the equipment. They were judgmental. My new gym is bigger and I can go in and out and not feel judged, there are so many different levels of experience, I can blend in and there are amenities that my old gym did not have.

Have I told you how much I LOVE my gym?!?

It pains me to admit it, but with the start of school in mid-August, some changes in the staff at work, and the late Fall-early Winter holidays, I haven’t been to my gym lately. But I am a gym member with all the benefits of my deluxe membership. I can exercise, swim, climb rock walls, play basketball, walk or run a track, hike the woods and stream nearby, reserve a picnic spot, rent kayaks, and more. I don’t understand with all of these choices, why I am not healthier than I was when I became a member. Maybe my gym is not as good as I think it is. I am a member of my gym, I just don’t go . . .

Now, what were you saying about being a member of the Lord’s Church?


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