A Plan for Parents


nat sarcasm

Okay, this is a really, really poor parenting plan, but sadly it is one that I see in place in the lives of many children. Realize that this list was created with my tongue firmly implanted in my cheek.

  1. Give your children everything they want. “Never, Never, ever tell your children, “No.”
  2. Put your children before your spouse.
  3. Do not give your children chores.
  4. Take your children’s side when there are conflicts with teachers, principals, coaches, and other adults.
  5. Believe EVERYTHING your child tells you.
  6. Do not discipline them, let them learn “naturally.”
  7. Send them to Bible Class (Church) without going yourself.
  8. Never think your children can do wrong.
  9. Always criticize your children.

What other advice can you give on how to be a poor parent?

– Scott

2 thoughts on “A Plan for Parents

  1. 1 Just be their friend. That’s what they need most—you as their friend.
    2 Teach and reinforce that they are entitled—the world owes them. They are after all, God’s gift to the world.

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