Too Much To Give

IMG_0479There is a lyric from an older country song that sticks in my head ever month. The lyric says, “I’d like to take you out like a said I would honey, but there’s too much month at the end of the money.”* I am sure you already have the song figured out. A single man  is barely getting by financially. He would love to do something extra with his girls friend/fiancé such as going out to eat or a movie, but after paying the light bill, the rent/mortgage, water bill, phone bill, credit card, etc. well there is nothing left.

I hear the song and I wonder where he might have saved some during the month. Could he have not had the biscuit at the drive through? Could he have made coffee at home instead of stopping by the coffee shop? Could he cut out some unnecessary expenses? Could he have skipped the night out with the guys earlier in the month?

I also wonder if we treat God the same.  God, I know what You did for me and gave me at the cross and I would love to give back too You. But You know how it is down here!  All these bills to pay – The two cars, the large house, the boat, the boat storage fees, eating out, new clothes, customizations for my Harley, not to mention the water bill, electric bill, cable, internet, cell phones, and more – God, there just is not enough left to give to You like I want too.

I envision God shaking His head, and thinking, “Is it a time for you to fulfill your wants and luxuries, while the Kingdom of God – the Church has so many needs?” (cf. Hag 1:4).

Just thinking out loud.


*(Written by Dennis Robbins, Bob DiPiero, and John Scott Sherrill: 1989 / Most successful version of the song was Marty Stuart: 2003).


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