Take A Moment

PNG imageTake a moment, stop what you are doing. Set the cup of coffee down, turn off social media, turn off the TV, turn down the radio and notice what is going on around you. Here is what you will see:

  1. A family struggling to get by.
  2. Someone facing a difficult medical diagnosis.
  3. A couple whose marriage is on shaking ground but want to work things out.
  4. A couple who are giving up on each other.
  5. A single parent doing their best, but feeling like a failure.
  6. A young person trying to fit in, but feeling lonely.
  7. Someone struggling with addiction to narcotics.
  8. Another person addicted to alcohol.
  9. Someone else addicted to gambling.
  10. Another addicted to pornography.
  11. An individual fighting an eating disorder.
  12. People concerned about their job (getting a job, keeping a job, the stress of their job, or their need for better pay/benefits).
  13. Groups concerned today’s political climate.
  14. People concerned about their freedom and safety.

That is just a sample of the people around you at work, at school, and who assemble with you at church. I hope you are praying for them. If you are one of those people, know someone is remembering you in prayer.

Take a moment, right this moment, to pray.


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