The Real Cost

cropped-img_0254.jpgAccording to Scripture, traditions, and sources such as Fox’s Book of Martyrs many early disciples pad a high physical price for following Christ.

  • Stephen was stoned (Acts 7).
  • James was beheaded (Acts 12).
  • Philip was scourged, imprisoned, and crucified.
  • Matthew was killed by the sword.
  • James, the Less was stoned and his skull smashed with a club.
  • Mathias was stoned and beheaded at Jerusalem.
  • Andrew was crucified on a transverse cross (a cross shaped like an X).
  • Mark was dragged to death at a pagan feast.
  • Peter was crucified upside down.
  • Paul was beheaded by Nero.
  • Jude was crucified.
  • Bartholomew was beaten and crucified by pagans.
  • Thomas was thrust through with a spear.
  • Luke was crucified on and olive tree.
  • Simon was also crucified.
  • John was banished to Patmos and would die of natural causes.

These truths and traditions bring me to Luke 9:23, . . . “If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me.”

Deny self, take up cross, and follow

Three questions:

  1. What does Jesus mean when He tells us to deny ourselves?
  2. What does He mean when he tells us to take up our cross?
  3. What is involved in following Jesus?

I look forward to your answers.



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