AnnualCheckupThis morning started with a visit to my doctor for my annual checkup. I arrived at 7:00 a.m. for lab work: they drew blood, took a chest x-ray, and did an E.K.G.  I will go back after 10:00 to see Dr. Warren.

I have a good inclination that he will talked to me about my weight, the need for more exercise, and watching my triglycerides and cholesterol numbers. Those are the usual topics of our conversations.  I will bring up moving my annual appointment away from the holidays, arguing that my weight and numbers may be affected by Thanksgiving and the month-long string of holiday events that are between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

The obvious connection for the blog is our need to have a check-up with the Great Physician.

How healthy am I spiritually?

  • Am I getting a healthy spiritual diet from feeding on God’s word? Or I am filling up on the junk food of entertainment?
  • Am I exercising my spirit through spiritual disciplines such as prayer, meditation, reflection, communion, fellowship, worship, etc.?
  • Is my faith healthy, active, and growing?
  • Am I becoming more and more like Christ in my life?

How is your checkup with Him?


One thought on “Checkup

  1. I always fall short on my checkup with God, but He doesn’t see it that way, since He looks at me through the eyes of Jesus Christ.

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