That’s Commitment

CommitmentIn a day when people switch everything as quickly as they change socks; When we live in a time when nothing seems to last and people apparently cannot or do not commit to much; I watched a special about an individual that understood commitment.

Just this morning on the way to the study, the discussion on the radio was why more and more modern Christians claim a deep love for the Lord Jesus Christ, but do not love nor regularly attend church of any sort. Contemporary Christians claim a commitment to Christ, but their lack of participation in His body and the inconsistent lifestyle of many calls that commitment into question.

We need to learn from Lt. Hiroo Onoda.

We need to learn from Lt. Hiroo Onoda. In December of 1944, Onoda received the command to disrupt the enemy on Lubang Island in the Philippines. His commander instructed him to refuse surrender, never give up the fight, and to not take his own life. Ten months later, Japan surrendered to the United States. Word of the surrender never reached Lt. Onoda. Even when he found leaflets dropped by U.S. planes announcing the end of the war and encouraging Japanese Soldiers to surrender their arms and positions, he refused. He considered this announcement to be enemy propaganda and stayed at his post.

As time went on, he would steal rice, vegetables, and occasional livestock from local homes and farms.  Victims would report the losses, but no one could identify the thief. Some did report seeing a dark figure in the woods and forest, but no search turned up any hard evidence. Rumors of a ghost, monster, or something supernatural began to surround these strange occurrences. A few reports began mentioning that the apparition had on a WW2 Japanese uniform. Philippine investigators began to wander if it could be Lt Hiroo Onoda, a man who never returned to Japan after the war and whose body was never found.

They tracked him to a certain area of the forest and coaxed him out. They flew in his former commanding officer who commanded him to give up his post. This was in February 1974. Lt Onoda held his post – ALONE – for TWENTY-EIGHT years and TWO months.


Commitment. He followed his commander’s instructions until his commander gave further instructions. Even when he had to do them alone for over a quarter of a century.

Just one question for you and me:

Are we as committed to Christ as Onoda was to his commander?


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