Starting Again: Today

Starting Again: Today

© B. Scott McCown, April 28, 2017

Today is theDay (1)

Life has not always been perfect,

Oh, the mistakes and errors you’ve made.

Hurt, pain, and disappointment,

Are the least of the price you have paid.


Today is the day to start again

This day this time is the moment,

No other time will ever be better,

Consider this the Father’s bestowment.


New every morning is His mercy,

His steadfast love is for you.

This is the time, this is the day,

For you to stand up, start anew.


Give your life to the Savior,

Let Him cleanse your record.

Flee from the things that tempt you,

Drawing ever nearer to the Lord.


This day is the moment,

Today stand as the best day.

To start again with the Savior,

And to walk once more in The Way.

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