Reasons Why

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Why, Lord? Why did Christ have to die?

I thought about this question this morning as I sat down to eat breakfast. I thought about it more as I scanned the news feeds on Yahoo.

What are some reasons Christ died?

  1. He died because the religious leaders felt threatened by his popularity and teaching. He would not bend to their teachings nor conform to their mold. He even accused them of misunderstanding what God really wanted from His people in life and worship.
  2. He died because some of the same people who followed Him, ate the bread He provided, and listened to His parables were fickle. They allowed a mob mentality to swing their opinion against Him. The same ones who saw Him heal friends and loved ones now yelled “Crucify Him!”
  3. He died because Pilate was a political pawn and a spineless puppet. He had the authority to release Jesus, but he feared losing points in the favorability opinion poll and he feared the hand of Rome.
  4. Christ died because so-called witnesses lied about Him. The twisted His words to make them say what He did  not say and mean what He did not mean.
  5. Christ died because the trial was rigged, not to mention illegal – even then.
  6. More importantly, Christ died because He loved me and knew that His death was the only way to atone for my sin and to save me from the wrath of God.


Bonus video: In Christ Alone

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