Points to Ponder

Thumbing through an old file of sermon illustrations and poems, I came across this encouraging piece.  The clipping does not have an author listed, so I am not sure who originated it – it was NOT me. But I am drawn to it.

Points to Ponder

Now, not all our attenders are members,

And not all our members are attenders

But if all our attenders were members,

And all of our members were attenders:

Then . . .

We would have more trouble menders,

More Gospel defenders,

And more true soul-winners!

But . . .

We would have fewer people offenders,

Fewer spiritual hinders,

And fewer religious pretenders!

So . . .

Let us all render a more tender surrender

To the Commander of a love full of splendor!

As we meander on this earth frull of sinners,

Let us engender a life with the Lord at the center.

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