The Printer

I have a small printer/scanner/copier in my study. It is not a fancy one, I use it mostlyimg_1862 for drafts, inner-office papers, and things only a few people or I will see.  However, upstairs in the college study area there is a much nicer printer. They have the same manufacturer, but that one is a higher quality machine.

I started thinking about these printers as mine needed ink. My printer uses a cartridge with the number 74xl and the better printer uses a 950xl. I like the way the other printer’s pages look much better than I do the way mine look. I decided to buy the 950xl ink for my printer. Now my pages look much sharper.

I did not really do this!

You know what would happen if I did try this. My printer requires 74xl, it will not work with any other number. The manufacturer designed it that way. They set a STANDARD ink for my printer and the series it belongs too. No print cartridge other than the one designed for it will work. If I were to try a different cartridge, I would get an error message or a blank page.

If we know this about printers, why do we forget this about ourselves?  We have a Designer, a Manufacturer, a Creator who knows what we need and what is best for us. Why do we try other things? Why do we try other ways other that His STANDARD?

Just asking.


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