Living Debt Free

Are you covered in debt? That is what the radio commercials ask every day.  Do you have over $10,000 dollars in credit card debt, then call ____________. President Obama signed bills to relieve business debt in 2009.  President Trump (President as of 12:00 ET today) is a business man who through the years has carried a lot of debt and even went into corporate bankruptcy.



Like most of you I have debt.  I have a mortgage on my home, I am in the process of paying off a couple of vehicles so I can go into debt on another one and  I am paying on a refrigerator – interest free. I also have one debt that leaves me feeling helpless.

This debt is so large that I know for certain that no “debt relief” company can handle it for me.  This is the debt I owe God.  I owe Him for creating me, I owe Him for paying for my sin.  You know the scriptures, “The wages of sin is death.”  “All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.”  I am in the negatives so much that I can NEVER work my way out!  But thanks be to God that my balance sheet looks better than I just described. Written on the top of my balance sheet is:

Paid in Full!

Jesus, the Son of God, the Sinless man who was also God, paid the way for me to come to God.  Paul says it something like this, “God made Him who had no sin (debt) to become sin (indebted) for us that we might become the righteousness (state of being debt free) of God in Him.” (2 Cor 5:21).

How did I acquire this debt relief?  Simply.  I did the same thing God asks of you.  By faith, put on Christ. – Gal 3:26-27.

Are you covered in debt or are you living debt free?


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