Why the Bible?

Every year I read through the Bible or a large section of it.  Every few years I will read in a suggested chronological order, that is reading in the supposed order of events, not in book-chapter-verse order. Reading the Bible this way gives the story a narrative flow that we sometimes miss if we are not aware of the overall story-line.

I challenge you to take make time to read your Bible. If we claim to follow God’s Word, we nee to know what He says and who He is.  I cannot think of a better way to learn about Him than reading about what He did and does in the lives of His past people (the children of Israel) and His present people  (the Church).

Consider seven things the Psalmist says about the Word of God in Psalm 19.

  1. It converts the soul – Psa 19:7
  2. It makes the simple wise – Psa 19:7
  3. It rejoices the heart – Psa 19:8
  4. It enlightens the eyes – Psa 19:8
  5. It gives warning – Psa 19:11-13
  6. It offers reward – Psa 19:11
  7. It engenders a prayerful attitude – Psa 19:14

Take time this coming year to spend time in God’s Word. But you don’t have to wait I=until January 1.  You can start now!


Chronological Reading Plan

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