I Disagree

angry-people-are-not-always-wiseThere are people I disagree with. The list is  . . . well, longer than I would like. My list includes people in power and others. I thought I would share with you some of the people (or at least their titles) I disagree with.  (I am not going to tell you the reason we disagree, just know that there is an issue or issues where these people and I have our differences.)

I sometimes disagree with: My parents, my siblings, my in-laws, my nieces and nephews, my uncles and aunts, my grandparents when they were alive, my son, other ministers, church secretaries, certain police officers, my wife, employers I have had, every President that I recall serving – those I voted for and those I did not, Governors of the states I have lived in. politicians at all levels, teachers, professors, peers, world leaders, members of churches where I have worshipped.

Everywhere I go, I find people that I disagree with. 

You do too.

Some of these disagreements are minor like what color shoes does one wear with navy blue pants. Others are major disagreements about policies or political platforms. You will have – always have – disagreements. Any time you have your own mind and your own thoughts, you can find someone who disagrees with you.

What matters is how I handle disagreements.

  • One way is if at all possible to have a discussion with those you disagree to see if you can find common ground.  I have often found that what I disagree with someone on is the process not the end goal.
  • Another way is to try to understand them. Try to walk a mile or two in their shoes. You may still disagree, but you might understand why they think and feel the way they do.
  • Honestly evaluate your point of view. I admit, there have been times I was wrong and had to make changes.
  • Never, never, never, lash out in anger.
  • Avoid, no refuse to result to “name calling” or putting the other person or group down with insults.
  • Fight the urge to prejudge them. Talk with them to know them. The more you really know someone, the easier it is to understand disagreements and not allow those disagreements to destroy the relationship.

For my fellow Christians reading this, let me remind you that we are to


Speaking of disagreeing, here is a throwback song – We Just Disagree


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