Will you join me in prayer this morning? Specifically for The United States of America.


Dear God and Father,

We come before Your throne as Sovereign over all. We bring all glory and honor before and to You. Some in this great nation are rejoicing over the results of our recent election. Some are glorying in that victory. Others are in shock and disbelief and are mourning a loss. Some have a renewed sense of hope while others have lost all hope.

We pray for each individual in this nation. We pray that now we can come together and work for a stronger unified people. While we will never agree on every policy, may we learn to tolerate differences of opinion. May we learn to understand and have conversations with those to our political and moral right as well as those to our political and moral left. May we each learn to truly love one another.

We pray for our newly elected leaders and the transition of power. May they take their office and oath seriously and work with the other branches of government to renew our nation’s strengths and to strengthen our weaknesses. We pray that these men and women consider You and what You know is best for mankind as they make policy and lead our nation. Specifically, we pray for President-elect Donald Trump. We pray for his temperament and his tongue that he may exercise the control needed to lead this country. We pray for him to seek what is true, right, honorable, and virtuous.  We pray for his family as they join him in this new role.  We pray for Vice-President-elect Mike Pence. May he serve with honor and have a positive influence on the Presidency and our foreign allies. We pray for the new Congress, may they work to better our nation.

We pray for Hillary Clinton. We pray that she will do her part to help unite this country. We pray that she will continue to work to help this country in ways that she can. We pray for Gary Johnson and others who were candidates for the Presidency, that they too will continue to help this nation unite and to be strong.

We pray for the true government of our nation – the people. May we keep our minds set on what is true, right, honorable, and good. May we work to bring our nation together. We pray that our rhetoric lead to unity and not division.

We pray for Your people, the Church. Help us to be a voice of reason and peace.

In Jesus’ Name

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