Signs, Signs, Everywhere a Sign

Now that the song from Five Man Electical Band (or if you are younger – Tesla) is stuck in your head, I want tosign talk about church signs.  Not the sign for the congregational name, but those marquee or digital message signs.

I have a love-hate relationship with these signs, although they don’t know it.

  • I love that they draw attention to simple truths. I hate that the message is so short that sometimes it miscommunicates.
  • I love reading them as I drive or travel. I hated when I had to help come up with messages.

One church sign I read said, “Directions to heaven, turn right, go strait.”  I followed these directions and ended up at a community college. Do you see what I mean;  these signs can really mess someone up.

If  you have a sign, please consider that drivers can only read so many words as they pass by.  Long quotes or long verses are hard to read and may cause traffic accidents. Now that I have this mini rant out of my system . . .

Yesterday I read one that, honestly, I liked. It spurred a lot of thought.  I did not have time to stop and take a picture, I wish I had. I did find a church sign generator online and made one.  The sign read,


Just something to think about today.

Get active for God.





3 thoughts on “Signs, Signs, Everywhere a Sign

  1. Keri shares your disdain for having to come up with the sign every week too. 🙂 She goes online as well and has used some great ones. Luckily, we a traffic light right by the church in Niceville that makes people stop and notice what is written there.

    • There used to be a deacon or college student in charge of the sign there. At one time I think there was a book of church signs that Chris Stanley used as inspiration. It may be hiding at the building somewhere . . .

      • I’ll have her look around for that. She’s responsible for a lot of jobs that may have belonged to someone else, but she loves her work and considers it a blessing and great opportunity to serve God.

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