Feeling Blessed

This morning I just thought I would share some blessings we have a children of God.

BlessedBlessed are Those who Read, Hear, and Keep God’s Word

  • Rev 1:3; 22:7 (specific to the book of Revelation)
  • Are you reading, hearing, and keeping God’s word?

Blessed are Those Who Are God’s Children

  • Rev 20:6 – Share in first resurrection
  • Rev 22:14 – Wash their robes
  • Are you washed in the blood of Christ?

Blessed are Those Who Remain Faithful

  • Rev 19:9 – Invited to the marriage of the Lamb
  • Matt 22:1-13, Will you be found ready?

Blessed are Those Who Stay Awake

  • Rev 16:15 Vigilance, watching, waiting.
  • Do you longingly anticipate the coming of our Lord?

Blessed are Those Who Die

  • Rev 14:13 – in the Lord
  • How will those you leave behind remember you?
  • How will others remember you?
  • What legacy for the Lord will you leave?

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