A Political Struggle

Avotebout this time every four years, I begin to wish that November would come and go so I can turn on the news and not hear about politics and who is running for what office. Then December comes and I begin hearing about “mid-term elections” and which party will or needs to take control to maintain our system of checks and balances.


Political season never ends in a Democratic-Republic and I struggle every election to make the best choice I can when I cast my vote. Every election is important in some way yet a Presidential election stands out as one of the most important. Every four years since I first voted in a Presidential Election, I think that our choice for a leader is a potential turning or tipping point for our country. This year is not an exception and in many ways may be a more important turning or tipping point. As a Christian, what am I to do? How do I vote as a Christian?

How do I vote as a Christian?

I will not venture to tell you which person or party to vote. There may be valid reasons to consider an Independent, the Constitution Party, the Green Party, the Democratic Party, the Libertarian Party, or the Republican Party and their nominee. Personally I am still looking at two or three candidates.

I will tell you this.


I know that Paul tells the Athenians that God set the boundaries of people and their allotted periods (Acts 17:26-27 – Note the purpose was for them to seek God who is not far from us. Paul is pointing the Athenians to Christ.). I know through out the Old Covenant we see God using kings and setting kings in power to bring about His mission of caring for and disciplining Israel and Judah to bring about the Messiah – the King of kings. This doe snot mean that we do not have a choice. This does not mean that God will choose for us.

Today, in The United States we have a voice in choosing the leaders of our country. God has at times given others this choice (Israel choosing a king over God). Sometimes people choose poorly and suffered for it. We must make the wisest choice we can. Who knows that we may have this right at this time for the purpose of ensuring the security and direction our country should go (see Esther 4:13-14).

Here are somethings to consider when casting your vote:

  1. Will this candidate (party) stand for Godly values?
  2. Will this candidate promote the freedoms included in the Bill of Rights?
  3. Will they appoint judges that uphold or re-write the Constitution? Remembet that our next President will play a role in appointing at least one Supreme Court Judge, possibly more.
  4. Will this candidate do all they can to protect the innocent?
  5. Will this candidate work within the system of checks and balances established in our Federal Government?
  6. Will this candidate protect our interests abroad?
  7. Will this candidate support initiatives that stimulate growth in our Gross National Product / economy?
  8. Will this candidate do all within their power to protect us from crime and terrorism?

There are other issues. These are just some to consider.

The future of the United States may very well hang in the balance. Consider your children and grandchildren and the country that they will inherit from you as you go to the poles. Go to the polls and vote.


One thought on “A Political Struggle

  1. I’m firmly convinced that neither of the two major candidates for president is worthy of a Christian’s vote. There is no such thing as voting “against” someone; your vote counts as part of the mandate of the person you vote for.

    I’m advising people to vote in the other elections, but not to lend support to either of the major candidates. A third party candidate might be a consideration.

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