IMG_1695One my commute this morning I received a reminder. A guest or a caller on the radio said something that made me reflect on my relationship with God. This man challenged me (well not just me – all who were listening) to start the day with God. He recommended getting up before the sun and spending time in prayer and reading God’s promises. Your schedule may not be conducive to getting up before dawn, but remember to start your day with God.

As I reflected on other things I heard on the radio this morning, some I agreed with and some to which I disagreed, there was more I recalled. I need to humble myself before God and He will exalt me.James 4:10. I do not demand that God bless me. I do not need to remind God of His Word and His promises – He know them better than I do. He knows what I need before I ask – so there is no need to demand.

Ask? Yes! Demand? No!

Demanding is the opposite of humility. Think about Job demanding an answer from God. God put Job in his place, “Where were you when . . .? In more common vernacular, “Job, I am God and you are not.” Think about the Pharisee and tax collector in prayer (Luke 18:10-14). The Pharisee was bold about himself in prayer, demanding God’s attention and blessing. The tax collector could not even lift his eyes to heaven, but simply begged for mercy. Jesus said the humble prayer was the more noble.


Will you join me in this prayer – what is part of my daily morning prayer.

“Dear Father,

Thank you for your blessings. Although as a sinner, I do not deserve any blessing from my Creator, You do bless me. Thank You for blessing me with this day; The sun that shines and the rain that replenishes and cools. Thank You for the measure of health I have. Thank you for the family that surrounds me – my physical family, the family of man, and my spiritual family – the Church. Thank you for the blessing of forgiveness in Christ. There is no way I deserve forgiveness for my crimes against You, but You made that possible through the shed blood of Your Son. Nothing I can do can ever repay that debt.

What I desire to do in return for Your blessings is to live my life for You. Today is for You. This is the day You made, I will rejoice and be glad. Today, I choose to die to me, to take up my cross and follow. Today I will deny me and choose you. Help me to have the resolve to do what I now promise to You.

 In Jesus’ name . . .”

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