Five for Friday

Five for Friday

Another mix of blogs I read.

  1. Instant Gratification is a real problem in our society UGA fan Neal Pollard uses the firing of Mark Richt to discuss how this problem affects Christians.
  2. Dale Jenkins uses his experiences in ministry to help church leaders Revitalize congregations where they serve.
  3. Adam Faughn hits from 3 point range with this blog about Universalism, Social Media, and Christianity.
  4. Nationally acclaimed Birmingham, Alabama Meteorologist James Spann tackles Climate Change, Politics, and Religion in one post.
  5. Liberal politicians seem determined to use every shooting as an opportunity to limit gun ownership while conservatives offer prayers for victims and their families.  Jonathan Merritt writes a balanced article concerning “Mass murder and the problem with prayer.”

Keep reading! Keep learning! Keep growing!

– Scott

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