A Squirrel Named Pride

Once upon a time Papa Squirrel and Mama Squirrel had a cute little baby.


He had a shiny coat and a bushy tail that stood high. “Our son will never have to scavenge for acorns and pecans like we did or scratch out a living. He will have everything he needs to grow up to be a fine squirrel.”


That is what Pride’s parents did. They worked until their tails drooped trying to provide for their little squirrel. He had the finest toys to play with in the tree. He wore the finest fur, had the fullest tail in the woods. They allowed him to only associate with other fine squirrels and saw that his every want was met. Other squirrels were envious that he had parents who proudly met his every wish.

In school he was always the leader. He was the best reader, writer, and nut counter. He was captain of the footnut and basketnut teams. He was a soloist in the barking choir and graduated valedictorian voted most likely to top the tree.

He went of to study at Squirrel U. He continued to gain honors fulfilling Papa and Mama Squirrel dreams for him. He graduated the top of his class and his parents bought him a new convertible squirrel car. He continued his education receiving a Masters’ Degree in Nutology. He wrote his Doctorial thesis on “Hoarding Nuts Contributes to the Decline in a Squirrel Habitat.”

While in graduate school he met a cute little co-ed squirrel and soon they married in an elaborate Finest Forest Fauna Fashion that had the entire wood talking for weeks. His career seemed certain and the future bright yet one morning tragedy struck. He disappeared never to be seen again.

The last anyone saw of him, he was explaining Nutology and Hoarding to a Bobcat . . .

What are the morals of this story?

  1. Training is nothing if you do not warn of dangers (1 Peter 5:8).
  2. Pride precedes peril (Proverbs 16:18).
  3. your turn .  . .


image of suirrel via: telegraph.co.uk

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