Project Care

IMG_2410This past year Howard McCraney, a deacon at Central where I serve, began leading outreach efforts.  The goal is to take our mission and compassion outside the walls of our building to the people who need it.  Part of this outreach effort is Central Church of Christ Project Care (CCC Project Care). This weekend I was able to spend a few hours with Howard, Olus Mitchell, Jake McCraney, and Andrew McCown as we set posts for a wheelchair ramp for an elderly lady in our community.  The work was manual and the Alabama humidity was intimidating, but the result were beyond compare.

Not that the ramp is perfect to specs. But that we were able to provide this 93 year old lady who lives alone, a safer way for her to get in an out of her home.  And that we were blessed as we worked together.  I was unable to be at the site on Saturday when they finished, but some men from a different area church (a separate non-denominational group) asked if they could help finish the ramp. They helped on Saturday.

I am glad that I can be a part of this type of outreach.  I am glad Central cares. My prayer is that through our physical efforts, doors will continue to open so that we can spread the message of the Good News.

– Scott

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