Top Posts by Views

My '01 Frontier

My ’01 Frontier

Every once in a while I will check to see the statistics on how The Morning Drive is doing.  Here are my top five posts of all time (going back to February 2009 when I started The Morning Drive) according to the number of views.

Number 5 – From My Heart.  This post was about my feelings as I look at the moral condition of the world around me. It is also a very recent post.

Number 4 – I Will Never Go Again. This was a football post, well sort of.

Number 3 – The Greatest Commands.  These are my reflections on the song of the same title.  There is link to a YouTube video that someone else created.

Number 2 – A Prayer. Another recent post concerning a fatal accident that I came across on my morning drive. Be sure to read the comments.  A family member of the man who died in the crash gives some details about the man.

Number 1 – Ten Common Lies.  This post is about lies we tell ourselves, not just each other.  See if you are guilty of at least one.  You likely are.

– Scott

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