“The Lord’s Prayer”

Prayer.  People still ask for prayer.  Even people with no identified faith ask for “positive thoughts” – I think they mean prayer.

Prayer. “Say a little prayer for me, will you?” He asked.  I am sorry, but I cannot do that.  There is no such thing as “a little prayer.”  Prayer is not a miracle. Prayer is not mystical. Prayer is not a shaman’s tool.  Prayer is not superstition.  Prayer calls upon the Creator of the universe, the Judge of mankind, God to act.

The disciples witnessed John the Baptist praying and teaching his followers to pray.  The disciples saw Jesus, their Master and Rabbi, in prayer often. They knew the importance of prayer in the coming Kingdom. They asked, “Lord, Teach us to pray . . .” (Luke 11:1).

Jesus gives them a prayer model. What Christendom calls The Lord’s Prayer. (Luke 11:2-4; Matthew 6:9-13). Take a moment to enjoy the voice of Marvin Gaye as he sings The Lord’s Prayer:

Our Father Who Art in Heaven. God is your Father when you are His child (Galatians 3:26-27). The story of the prodigal demonstrates God as a father who longs to forgive and to have a loving relationship. He longs for us to want a relationship with Him so He can bless us.

The Kingdom Come, Thy Will be Done. The Kingdom Jesus teaches the disciples to pray for is the kingdom Jesus established on earth.  The kingdom that He rules today – His church. There is a sense in which the Kingdom is already here, but as long as there are souls not doing God’s will there is room for the Kingdom to grow and to come to the lives of those lost individuals.

Give us this Day Our Daily Bread.  God displays concern for our concerns.  There is nothing in our life too trivial or common that we should not mention to God.  We are to pray for our necessities (bread not stake) each day.

Forgive us our Debts as We Forgive our Debtors. Just as we need daily food, we need daily forgiveness.  God longs to forgive.  He gave His son for the forgiveness of our sin. But notice that our forgiveness from God depends upon our willingness to forgive those who commit offenses against us. How can we demand God forgive our great debt against Him when we hold grudges over trivial things of this life (Matthew 18:21-35)?

One more thought from the model prayer.  Jesus focuses on three areas of need.  These are needs important enough to talk with our Creator about:

  1. Physical Needs
  2. Relationship Needs
  3. Spiritual Needs

Take time to  – no!  MAKE time to pray.

– Scott

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