Prayer Problems

prayer-teachus1Prayer is popular. Not a day passes that someone in my circle of social media connections does not ask for prayer for themselves or for someone they know. Religious people believe in a need to pray. Many post that “Prayer is the only thing that can save America.” There is reason to rejoice in this current prayer and religious fervor . . . or is there?

Can this faith be “superstitious?” Would the apostle Paul scan Facebook and say, “I perceive that in all things you are too superstitious (religious) . . .” (Act 17:22)? Can people think of prayer as a magical incantation that if they say it at the right time in the right way, God will act in the way they want – “Accio ___________.”

Could modern Christians be misguided in their concept of prayer? Can we be like James and John who ask for a place of honor? Jesus replied to them, “You do not know what you are asking.” (Mat 20:22).

Prayer is so much more than asking for or worse demanding what we want or think we need. Prayer is so much more than a magical phrase to call God down to earth to intervene the way we see fit. Prayer is not America’s only hope – God is! Prayer is so much greater because God is the power behind prayer!

  • Prayer is entering the presence of God.
  • Prayer is speaking to the Creator.
  • Prayer is asking Him to act in our best interest and trusting His answer is always best – even if we do not like the answer.
  • Successful prayer is not about getting God to do what we want, but spending time with the Father, pouring our heart to Him, and trusting that he hears and cares.

Will you take time to pray?

– Scott

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