Imitating Satan

If you have followed this blog for sometime, you might have seen this back in 2009.  I pulled it from the archives and used it as the basis of the lesson Sunday night at Central. Since it was well received, I thought I would share it as a follow-up to yesterday’s post. In true Late Night form; “From the home office in Tuscaloosa, Alabama: here are the top ten reasons to imitate Satan:”

10. Satan does not quit. No matter how many times you turn down his offer, he is not giving up (Luk 4:13).10

9. Satan believes in God, heaven, and hell (Jam 2:19).

8. Satan tirelessly works both night and day.

7. Satan knows the Bible (Matt 4:6).

6. Satan is always looking for a prospect, he may well be the worlds best soul winner, just to the wrong side.

5. Satan accepts people quickly, it does not matter to him how good you have been, if you decide to do what is wrong, he will accept you.

4. Satan is positive; he always sees the good in the bad (Isa 5:20).

3. Satan is not easily discouraged (Job 1 & 2); he sticks with his plan.

2. Satan is patient, he will give you opportunity to serve him and leave the offer open for as long as it takes (Luk 4:13).

. . . . And the number one reason to imitate Satan is: <insert a dramatic pause> . . . .

1. Satan uses all available methods at his disposal to reach out to you and to win you over to his way of thinking (Eph 6:11 – wiles/schemes/strategies).

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